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In terms of design, the following services are indicatively offered:

  • Issuing of approval and building permit based on Law 4030/2011 (New Constructions, additions, legalisation of constructions without permits, repairs, demolitions, change of use, etc.)
  • Topographic mapping – lay-outs -distribution of real estate property
  • Architectural - static design
  • Regularisation/ Legalization of illegal structures based on Law 4178/2013
  • Engineer's Certificate (Law 4178/2013). After reviewing the legality of the property, an engineer's certificate is provided as required as of 21/9/2011 for any transfer or establishment of a right in rem for real estate property
  • Energy Inspection -issue of energy performance certificate for single-detached family houses, condominiums, shops, tourist facilities as well as file management for the "saving at home" scheme


Indicative constructions undertaken by the technical office are:

  • Supervision – construction of building projects for individuals and businesses
  • Partial or total building reconstruction (alteration of interior layout, renovation etc.)
  • Repair and reinforcement of structures
  • Building restoration

Consulting services

  • Expert's opinions
  • Property value estimates (comparative method, profits - income, depreciated replacement cost, residual value estimates)
  • Real-estate consulting
  • Consulting services for the selection and sourcing of materials, ecological building methods and materials, bioclimatic architecture


Ioannis Sp. Protonotarios is a graduate of the faculty of Civil Engineering of the National Technical (Metsovio) University of Athens in 1994 with a thesis in the field of foundations. After completing his military service, in 1997 he opened a technical office in Naxos.

The office deals with issuing building permits (design, supervision), drawing up topographical maps, legitimizing illegal structures, contracting private projects).

Ioannis Sp. Protonotarios is also an energy Inspector capable of issuing energy performance certificates (EPC). He has been a Real Estate appraiser for Emporiki Bank since 2006 and for Alpha Bank since 2013.

Member of S.E.K.E. (Association of Greek Real Estate Valuers). He is father of one child.

The office

The technical office is located in the capital city of Naxos island, Chora, by St. George coast, in a comfortable space of 65 m2 with easy-to-find parking.

State-of-the-art instruments and software are used for implementing designs such as:

  • Electronic Leica TC 307 Total Station
  • Autocad 2014 architectural environment and cadware for photorealistic illustrations and three-dimensional models, and the "Pythagoras" software for three-dimensional terrain visualization.
  • Fespa software by lh logismikh for static designs
  • Energy Building and Energy Certificate software by Civiltech for energy design and certificates

Save up to 50% in energy and cost by using bioclimatic architecture and ecological building methods

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